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"Im not a liberal, pro-LGBT advocate. Im a conservative, evangelical Christian..."

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Reported on FOX NEWS.
Republicans have to STFU, if it's FOX it's true

"There is nothing courageous, humble or gracious about the behavior of our president or many conservative, evangelicals these days – and it frightens me big time. If it were possible, I think it would frighten Jesus. Many Christians are preaching grace and mercy and we’re very good at saying folks don’t need to get their acts together before coming to Christ as Savior – but our treatment of the lost contradicts our confession. We don’t own the message we’re preaching. Compassion? Love? Are you kidding me? We’re very angry at sinners. It’s obvious – and it’s twisted."

Some of us already knew of their HYPOCRISY.
Any of these that associate,profit from,or support blaspheming Israel
are welcome to burn in Hell.


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Liberals today are dumber than ever
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Plunging crucifixes through the sternums of the sick, the aged and the poor is what Jesus is all about!

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