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Russian doping for bike races is undeniable proof that they hacked the election.

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Many will likely connect the events in the documentary "Icarus" (by Bryan Fogel) to the allegations that Russia interfered in the US 2016 presidential election. And Fogel is 100% on board with that thinking.

“You think to yourself, if they have been doing this to win gold medals and they had this entire laboratory that was basically a front for this spectacular criminal operation, is there any question what else they're capable of?” Fogel said. “Whether they hacked our election or whether there was collusion, I think the writing is right there on the wall. How much more evidence do you need?”

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People who dealt with Russians know that their default mode is to lie, cheat and break agreements whenever it suits them. These who didn't are just starting to discover how wonderful our Russian friends really are. That Fogel guy apparently belongs to the latter category.

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An easy job for the Russians to fool Republican dopes thinking they had elected Trump.

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