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The Secret of 2001

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Notice many shots of the solar system, moon, planets, etc. are rotated 90 degrees, esp. after they appear for the first time.

When at the Moon Monolith, the guy with the camera rotates it 90 degrees. Then the monolith makes noise.

Nowhere in the movie is "Alien Life" mentioned - only "Intelligent Life".

The Monolith begins displaying lights.

If you rotate the Monolith 90 degrees, what does it look like?

At Jupiter, when the monolith becomes so large it encompasses the screen, it's rotated 90 degrees.

So, What is "full of stars", rectangular with the width as the longest side, displayed motion and lights, and which Kubrick himself was involved with?

PS The book doesn't help as Kubrik gave Clark the broad strokes while the movie was being made, and changed many things.
PPS Hint #2: The Monolith was originally going to display random light images the entire time it was shown.

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interesting view that the monolith is a TV/Movie screen. there's 3 monoliths around me right this very moment. 1 of the 3 is powered on, and a 4th is concealed in a bag. there's a 5th yet tinier black monolith at my side.

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