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Is this the story of the Republican Party?

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They don't seem to be raising a lot of hell about family photos.


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The democrat party is the party of the KKK. Do you know the story of the late senator byrd? Do ya?

This is not an ideological conflict, this is not political. There is no reasoning, no explanations or facts that will clarify and help people better understand the situation in order to defuse tensions.
This is a textbook example of what happens when human beings enter a period of popular delusions- a mass psychosis, the very definition of “the madness of crowds”.
We are descending into a struggle between human collectives which do not think, do not behave, do not reason like individuals. Once it begins only ends one way.

And you sir, ma'am or it are quilty as charged.

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I forgot, you don't like the 1A. Typical.

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