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Finland stabbings 'a likely terror act;' Ties to Spain eyed

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A woman places a candle by floral tributes for the victims of an attack at Turku Market Square on Friday, in Turku, Finland, Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017. A suspect detained for allegedly stabbing two people to death in a wild knife attack in the western Finnish city of Turku is being investigated for murder with possible terrorist intent, police said Saturday.

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There we go, jumping to conclusions again. I like the first comment:

"I am a Spaniard and I feeling like VOMITING. What went wrong with the who;e world? The police and the authorities in charge, why are they affray of mentioning the FILTHY MUSLIMS as the terrorists. The same thing in Finland. Affray of hurting the Muslim feelings. I can see if we do no stop the lazy liberals to be in any position, all of us will be kill by the criminal Muslims."


"I 33 minutes ago
@Vivian it was Muslims who did 9/11, Boston marathon, Pulse shooting, Fort Hood shooting, San Bernardino shooting, Ohio State University attack, it was Muslims who bombed Thailand's shopping mall in may 2017 and Bangkok Shrine in 2015, it was Muslims who simultaneously bombed churches in different cities in Indonesia Christmas Eve 2000 killing many people, it was Muslims who bombed Bali twice in 2002 and 2005, it was Muslims who bombed and attacked Mumbai for four days killing hundreds of people, it was Muslims who attacked Charlie Hebron over cartoon, it was Muslim who did the attack in Bataclan killing hundreds of people, it was Boko Haram Muslims who kidnapped and raped hundreds of Christian school girls in Nigeria, it was Muslims who killed, tortured, raped and enslaved thousand of Yazidis, it was Muslims who did the genocide of millions of Armenians, it was Muslims who did the Beslan school hostage in Russia ended up with 385 dead people many of them children. It was Muslims who have been terrorizing, kidnapping, beheading people in the Philippines. It was Muslims who killed and tortured non muslims in Dhaka cafe in Bangladesh in 2016 It was Muslims who bombed Ariana Grande concert full of families and kids, it was Muslims who caused civil war in Lebanon which was predominantly Christian nation till they started letting large numbers of Muslims in. The list goes on and on it's impossible to list the number of atrocities Muslims have done in the name of their religion and the numbers of attacks that have been religiously motivated by their ideology just type in list of Islamic terrorist attacks. In the past decade alone, the numbers are staggering and it's not limited only in certain areas but all around the globe."

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