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What the belief in the afterlife gets you

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See the common cause? The fact is that it is perfectly rational to behave like the above woman and the above girl IF the afterlife were real. Then their actions would be the wisest things to do. However, as we all know, the afterlife is bullshit. And you do know that because you know that both the woman and the girl went very wrong, and that can only be so if the afterlife is fiction.

Faith in an afterlife means making the wrong decisions. Decisions that would be right if the afterlife were true are absolutely wrong if the afterlife is false. Any actual wise decision is wise even if you accept that the afterlife is a lie, but there are many foolish decisions that would be wise if you accept that the afterlife really exists.

Every time a person propagates the afterlife myth, even for noble reasons like comforting a person who has lost a love one, it ultimately does far more harm by causing people to make bad decisions and enabling a culture of irrationality that causes very real harm in the world.

Islam is fundamentally no different than Christianity or Judaism. Both Christianity and Judaism caused every bit as much harm as Islam does today, and they did it for many more centuries than Islam has been around for. The only real difference between today's Christianity/Judaism and today's Islam is the degree of faith. History has shown that when Christianity or Jewish faith was as strong and the faith was as central to the lives of the followers, both faiths were every bit as violent as Islam is today and for the exact same reason. The Finnish woman who converted to Islam is no different than the common Christian in the Middle Ages. She truly believes in the afterlife.

When the afterlife is real, it is all that matters. It is an eternity of bliss or and eternity of torture. Nothing in a 100-year life can even compare to an eternity. It is perfectly rational and sensible for anyone who truly believes in an afterlife to make that afterlife the sole focus of life. And that makes this false belief dangerous, damn dangerous.

The afterlife life was first told to control people, to terrorize them into behaving nicely. It has failed. It has been twisted into causing people to behave stupidly, dangerously, and even violently. It is not a good lie that despite being a lie causes good things. It is a bad lie that is highly susceptible to abuse, and it causes insane behavior. It's time we stopped repeating this lie.

This life is the only life that matters because it is the only life. Make the most of it. If you waste it, there is no compensation, only tragedy.

If you fear death, get over it. You are going to die no matter how much you delude yourself. You will cease to exist, but you exist right now, so don't waste it. Every man dies. Not every man truly lives.


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There is an after-life. It's called death.

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Reminded me of a Laugh-in skit.

Homely woman sitting on a park bench.
Dirty old man sits down next to her & asks "Do you believe in here after?"
Homely woman:"Yes."
Dirty old man: "Well you know what I'm here after."

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