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Another one is using isolated incident to hype a threat.

For example, the Media devoting much of the local news hour to violent crime, giving the false impression that crime is outta control, so we need more prisons and less liberty.

That's generally not the case since the mid 90s, except in places like Chicago.

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TwoScoopsMcGee says

giving the false impression that crime is outta control, so we need more prisons

I agree. We need some inconvenient freedoms back again.

More sane countries, like Netherlands, are contracting their penal systems while we scream boogeyman over here.

Be afraid of the likes of Rodrigo Duterte, strongman president of Philippines, taking hold of this nation. Once the media is silenced out of fear for their lives, death squads WILL BE USED for all kinds of handy work and God Bless America!




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Historically it seems a life of death national issue is required and some segment of the population who can be both blamed and punished with righteous anger to utter destruction while confiscating whatever wealth they may hold.

It won't be the Jews or tribal people in America, so far candidates look like Mexicans or Islamists.

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