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This is EXACTLY What You Want to Hear From Your VPN Provider

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“All of the responses from 1&1, Facebook, Twitter, and Tracfone have been traced back by IP address to … privateinternetaccess.com. […] A subpoena was sent […] and the only information they could provide is that the cluster of IP addresses being used was from the east coast of the United States. However, [PIA] did provide that they accept payment for their services with a vendor company of Stripe and/or Amazon. They also accept forms of payment online through paypal, bitpay, bitcoin, cashyou, ripple, ok pay, and pay garden.”


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Use an ISP that respects your rights too like Sonic.net and you should never have any problems

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Sonic isn't available where I live, so not an option. A little sketchy as they're promoting the Echo right on the homepage, but the About section says some good stuff. Do they provide encryption over the wire, and do they log anything?

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Looks like they do log, so a VPN would still be necessary, but their policies are a breath of fresh air compared to Cox, who re-routes my Tor relay traffic to bad endpoints if I use their DNS.

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