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Goodbye Ju Hong

By TwoScoopsMcGee following x   2017 Sep 4, 1:39pm 96 views   0 comments   watch   quote     share  

Goodbye Ju Hong. You are a political science major, no thanks, we have tons of those. Not a rare skill, not useful in designing Molten Salt Reactors or 500 isp vacuum engines. South Korea is not a hellhole, it's one of the most modern and industrialized countries in the world, and a long functioning republic that is home to some of the world's most powerful corporations, with a vibrant economy.

Also please find the bill for the difference of your tuition, as you are an out-of-state resident of South Korea. You have no documents to your right to even be in the USA, therefore you cannot be a resident of California. Here is your pre-written thank you and apology letter, thanking California taxpayers and apologizing for you taking a seat properly belonging to a California resident who was rejected because you stole his or her seat. It also contains a thank you for not criminally prosecuting your clear and willing violation of US Laws.
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