Equifax response to security breach is to request more personal information
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Equifax Impressed By Hackers’ Ability To Ruin People’s Finances More Efficiently Than Company Can !

In the wake of a massive data breach that exposed the sensitive personal information of 143 million customers, executives from credit agency Equifax said Friday that they were impressed by the hackers’ ability to ruin people’s finances much more efficiently than their company can.

“We’re truly amazed by the effectiveness and sheer speed with which the hackers wrecked so many Americans’ financial prospects—it usually takes us years to devastate someone with a bad credit score,” said awestruck Equifax CEO Richard Smith, noting that Equifax’s traditional process of slowly chipping away at a customer’s credit rating due to late payments on credit cards with arbitrarily raised interest rates or an inability to pay off subprime loans made them “practically a dinosaur” in comparison to cybercriminals who could wipe out someone’s financial standing in mere minutes.

“It’s taken us a long time to get to the point where we can ensure that someone won’t ever get approved for a loan, can’t apply for a mortgage, or might not even qualify for basic car insurance, so it’s honestly humbling to see these hackers do it in just a few keystrokes. But we’re going to learn from this and use it to motivate us to sabotage people’s finances much more efficiently in the future.”

At press time, Equifax announced it had laid off 80 percent of its workforce in favor of one Latvian hacker who could destroy millions of customers’ credit ratings overnight.

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Equifax Faces Multibillion-Dollar Lawsuit Over Hack

Equifax negligently failed to maintain adequate technological safeguards to protect Ms. McHill and Mr. Reinhard’s information from unauthorized access by hackers,” the complaint stated. “Equifax knew and should have known that failure to maintain adequate technological safeguards would eventually result in a massive data breach. Equifax could have and should have substantially increased the amount of money it spent to protect against cyber-attacks but chose not to.”

The case was filed by the firm Olsen Daines PC along with Geragos & Geragos, a celebrity law firm known for blockbuster class actions. Ben Meiselas, an attorney for Geragos, said the class will seek as much as $70 billion in damages nationally.

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I expect the 143 Million number to be upward revised.

And who the fuck should expect one year of credit monitoring at Equifaxes expense to be good enough??? It should be lifetime monitoring and free credit freezes and unfreezes for life as well.
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Equifax facing more than 30 lawsuits in the U.S. after data breach affecting 143M

On Monday, the company said Equifax/status/907382924621819906">on Twitter that because of consumer feedback, it would waive all fees for customers wanting to freeze their Equifax credit files for the next 30 days.
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On Tuesday, Equifax said it would waive all fees until Nov. 21 for people who want to freeze their Equifax credit files. It will also refund any fees that anyone has paid since Thursday, though the company would not say whether this would be automatic.

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Equifax should simply file bankruptcy and walk.
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Rin says
Equifax should simply file bankruptcy and walk.

Gentle Reader,

If they did that, then there would be no reason to help anyone who's data was given away. I'm included in that. My info has been compromised, and I have had to endure this bullshit all summer long. My credit card numbers are floating around Europe, and I'm getting reports that charges are being refused on a regular basis.



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