What Republicans do to Republicans is so entertaining.
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The executive summary...
Scott would tell the Palm Beach Post in 2016 that the economic benefits from more building meant Florida was “on a roll.”

As Hurricane Harvey demonstrated in Houston, however, development from depleted wetlands can exacerbate the effects of storms: Water from rain and storm surges will have fewer places to go when the storm makes landfall, creating a greater potential for catastrophic flooding.

This typifies Republican thinking. The only thing they see is immediate profits. They don't even understand that long-term economic productivity is being devastated by their short-term and short-sighted policies. Short term gains are the enemy of long term gains. You have to think more than one move ahead.

I swear, Republicans are like children, incapable of understanding or managing long term prosperity and risk. This is why they just suck at business, economics, and government. It's no wonder that all new industries are liberal. A republican could never make a Google. They are too short-sighted.