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SCOTUS upholds Temporary Ban

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Yet again, SCOTUS has put another 9th Nut Appeals Court ruling on a Hateful, Hysterical Hawaiian filing, on hold.

A U.S. Supreme Court justice issued a short-term order restoring President Donald Trump’s ban on thousands of refugees seeking entry to the country.

The order issued Monday by Justice Anthony Kennedy puts a lower court ruling on hold until the high court decides whether to grant the administration’s request for a longer-term order. Hawaii, which is challenging the Trump policy, urged the court Tuesday to leave the appeals court ruling in force.

A federal appeals court ruled last week that the administration must temporarily admit refugees if a resettlement agency had promised that it would provide basic services for them. That decision was set to take effect Tuesday, and as many as 24,000 refugees have received such assurances, the administration said in papers filed with the high court.

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Will Trump call for capital punishment for any Rep/Con/Nazi that employs the undocumented?

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