Contra Costa replaces corrupt DA with corrupt DA
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So, as obvious from this segment, the only qualification required was for applicant to have a proper amount of melanin in their skin:

"During public comment, Contra Costa Sheriff David Livingston asked supervisors point blank not to consider either Becton or Kensok, who both admitted to copying and pasting sections of their written application without attribution. Becton copied and pasted at least eight sections of other peoples’ work, including an op-ed co-authored by State Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), without attribution.

“Any applicant to the county who conducted themselves that way would be removed from the process of selection,” Livingston said. “It’s offensive to the process and it’s offensive to law enforcement.”

Livingston’s remarks were met with hisses and boos. The next speaker, a Richmond Cease Fire coordinator named Darnell Jones, turned to Livingston and said, “I’m not going to let someone who helped destroy our communities talk about one of my sisters.” His remarks were met with hearty applause."
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"Look at all my gold stars and the people who promoted me to get me out of their divisions!"
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tovarichpeter says
Contra Costa replaces corrupt DA with corrupt DA

Being corrupt is one of the requirements. What else are they supposed to do?