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Incompetent white guy plays the race card.

By Blurtman following x   2017 Sep 13, 4:12am 83 views   1 comments   watch   quote     share  

With a bit of affectation and dramatic pause, Dipp noted that as a Mexican-American, he felt a connection to fellow minorities like Vance Joseph and Anthony Lynn, the two head coaches in Monday night’s Denver Broncos-Los Angeles Chargers game. Dipp then tried to put his awkward night in perspective:

“All I wanted to do was show some respect, making my debut as a minority on American national TV, the biggest stage out there on the most heartfelt day in this great country made up by immigrants,” he said. “In some people’s perspective it all went wrong. I truly meant no disrespect because all I wanted to do was show some love to these two historic head coaches. Hopefully, I’ll have another chance. And be sure, I’ll make the most of it.”

1 Tenpoundbass   2017 Sep 13, 5:36am   ↑ like (1)   ↑ dislike (1)     quote        
He thought the Race swells were happening so he tried to catch a wave.
The race surfing wasn't as good as he thought.
Kerpernic is the Big Kahuna on them waves.
Hang ten you retarded unAmerican mother fuckers, hang ten you stupid bastards.

You make your skin tone divide us all. Obama would have wanted it that way.

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