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Now here's a hottie that doesn't need any fantasy what if's. She doesn't need to exercise, but would still be hot if she packed on another 50 lbs.

She's just sizzlin' smokin' hot.

I would walk 100 miles just to hear her insult me.
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Tenpoundbass says
Now here's a hottie that doesn't need any fantasy what if's. She doesn't need to exercise, but would still be hot if she packed on another 50 lbs.

She's just sizzlin' smokin' hot.

I would walk 100 miles just to hear her insult me.

Is it true love or just lust?
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Tenpoundbass says
I would walk 100 miles just to hear her insult me.

Interesting fetish.
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Tenpoundbass says
once said...

Just because she said it, does not make it true, much like everything you post.
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There's only two kinds of women that take the time to hurl insults at a man.
Those that want to fuck him, then those that want a divorce.
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What's not to like?
It came and went. My brothers, sister all got the hell out of Dodge Tuesday last week and told me to get out Irmagedon was coming.
And wanted me to pick up my Mom in Jacksonville and move her to higher ground. They said they were expecting historic flood in Jacksonville and my Mom lives on the St. Johns River.

I knew the media was just screwing with us, and Irma really wasn't going to hit Hollywood dead on like they kept saying. Because my Mom was getting hammered by the Thunderstorm stuck in the ridge of moisture I was pointing out that what became Katia was trowing off. I expected it to hug Cuba and skirt the coast walking all the way to Havana.
But it missed by 40 miles and hooked North. Then at 8 a.m. Sunday it hit north of Keywest moving NNW, that was the last I heard. then the power, Internet, cell phone, 4G all went dark. I've been through 5 hurricanes, 7 Tropical Storms and to numerous to count Tropical depressions and never heard of the whole communications network taken out.

So there I was in the dark from any and all communications. I had to draw back on my Old Floridian training I keep using when I poopoo the official Weather reports.
And had to figure out where the storm was by the wind direction. We got Eastern direction So I knew it was off to the West of us, headed north. But for the speed by my account, I figured it turned in East a few klicks because the Eastern direction lasted longer than I expected. By 12 pm we started getting those northern winds. So I knew it was just to the West by South West to me that lasted another two hours, then it eased up again. By then I knew we would start getting S SE direction winds and it was above us and the worst of the bad was gone. At 5pm I went out the car to listen to the news for the 5pm NOAA advisory. They confirmed what I already did know. That the eye was about 40 miles north of me, and about 120 miles West of me.

Our power came back on while we were BBQ on the back porch by 8pm.

Couldn't have asked for a better Storm. That Donald Trump can manage a hell of the Disaster recovery I tell ya, not like that chicken shit Bush or Obama.
I was at work today making money.

Oh my Mom turned out, the River stopped 6 feet from her front door. The neighbors didn't have power my Mom never lost power. Turned out if she didn't say put, her elderly neighbors would have had a rough go. She did good where she was. My brother on the other hand is still stuck in Irmagedon traffic for the 3rd day moving 2mph.

Don't listen to fake news kids.
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I live in old Florida designed for this. If the big one hits head on, the storm surge will stop short of my house. You see in the keys, most structures were standing. It's the surge that does the damage and the flooding. Roofs are repairable. Tornadoes are what does the damage. If you have been a powerful Thunderstorm cell moving over your house. You've been the worst Hurricanes have to offer. The only difference is, it lasts much longer. The wind damage comes from Tornado and Downbursts which Thunderstorms of any classification are capable of producing.

I can't tell you how many Summers we have had Thunderstorm cells move through on a Hot July and have it be just a fierce as anything I've seen in a Hurricane.

The hyping and sensationalizing the fear of the storm is the most troublesome and I consider it incompetent on part of everyone involved on perpetuating the hyperbole.
Evacuating the Flood zones was smart and should be a must. But then the police wouldn't let people back, that's why I wasn't going anywhere to be honest. If it was bad, I didn't want someone at Jacksonville telling me there's nothing to go back to. Or some EPA shithead telling me "We giving it back to the wetlands" only to find out they built Luxury condos, like happened countless documented times in Post New Orleans Katrina.

If we get a direct hit by a storm they call a Cat 5 which only means it has violent intense wall with an even greater chance of getting a tornado. The Hurricane itself is not producing consistent 200mph winds. I might get blown away or not. But I would be high and dry where I live. Out west that was built up after the 80's as I watched them drain the swamp to build up. That would get swamped with a wall of water dumped from the Eastcoast drainage canal system and sump pump stations.
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It's hot the way she shrieks, "SEIG! HEIL! MEIN! FUHRER!" when a paramour gives her the good news.
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TPB - consider yourself lucky that u live in a populous enough area that power is a priority. My folks in the other end of the state got a direct hit from Ivan & went 23 days without power.

W/o power the frozen food goes bad in a week & the dry goods last only so long. After17 days, the foodstores were gone & its difficult to leave when none of the gas stations work (need power to pump) & no idea how far u have to go to find a store w power & food.

Thankfully for them "that shithead Bush" & his brother brought in the national guard & MREs to save the day.
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anonymous says
. My folks in the other end of the state got a direct hit from Ivan & went 23 days without power.

FP&L put a lot of work in the grid, also they brought in 22K people off the bat. After Wilma I was without power for a whole month or more. FP&L didn't send in out of state workers until a couple weeks in. This is going to make a big difference.

Actually my power did come back on like I said. But when we went to sleep Sunday Night, about 1am Monday morning my wife said a strong squall rolled through and took out power for the last time. I woke up in a pool of sweat at 8am. Luckily we're on a main drag, and power came back Tuesday at around 4pm. There's still some in the neighborhood without power. They will have to wait until the workers double back to replace transformers and reset throw switches.

I was making do with a power inverter and pulled my car up close to the door. Kept the freezer frozen and got updates on the TV.

The thing that pisses me off, if the power goes down in your neighborhood, you will lose everything.

Cell phone, Cable Internet, 4G Internet all communication. I've been through many many bad storms, let me tell you we never lost cable, phone, Internet when it was all on coper.

Perhaps we should have coper and fiber side by side for such fail over measures.

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