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Civil disobedience persists: When the police army corral protestors, they mace, beat and drag them to mass-arrest protesters. Will protesters give up?

Stockley shot and killed Smith in December 2011. The officer and his partner, Brian Bianchi, tried to stop Smith after witnessing a suspected drug transaction, according to an internal police department report the Post-Dispatch obtained.

Stockley said Smith backed into their police SUV twice in an apparent attempt to harm them. After Bianchi told Stockley that he believed Smith was armed, Stockley exited the SUV with his department-issued handgun. He also had a personal AK-47 pistol, a violation of department policy, according to the report.

Smith sped away, knocking Stockley sideways, and Stockley fired at the vehicle, before Bianchi and Stockley pursued Smith at speeds up to 80 mph. The police vehicle crashed into Smith's Buick in an attempt to avoid hitting a truck, the report said.

Before the crash, Stockley was heard saying he was "going to kill this motherf***er" and told Bianchi to "hit him right now," the report said.

Stockley approached with his weapon drawn. He said in the internal report he ordered Smith to show his hand and believed the suspect was reaching for a handgun, the report said.

"In fear for my safety and that of my partner," Stockley said in the report, "I discharged my department-issued firearm at the subject striking him in the chest."

Stockley then entered Smith's car "to locate the weapon and render it safe," the report said. He removed ammunition from the silver revolver, he said in the report.
Forensic analysis revealed that Stockley's was the only DNA present on the gun he said belonged to Smith, the criminal complaint said.

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I edit my posts as I think further

Apologies if that causes frustrations.
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That's not "civil" disobedience when they are rioting, destroying public and other peoples property. That's just a stupid riot that needs to be put down by force.
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jazz_music says
I think it is interesting that the trial was set up somehow to avoid a jury.

What's so "interesting" about it?

It's defendant's right to chose between bench and jury trial. Trial by jury cannot be denied if defendant wants it, but it's not mandatory if he doesn't. So there's no special "somehow" - it's all SOP.
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Now that 5 families own 99% of the media they have the option of treating the entire country like a small town and limit visibility profoundly to any and all dissent.
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jazz_music says
Now that 5 families own 99% of the media they have the option of treating the entire country like a small town and limit visibility profoundly to any and all dissent.

Bullshit: interwebz allow anyone make any shit as visible as they want it to be (or even blow it up out of proportion if they so desire).

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