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Former Conservative Recalls Belittling Tirade From College Student That Brought Him Over To Left

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Explaining how the string of personal insults and sharply worded accusations caused him to reevaluate every one of his political leanings, former conservative Vincent Welsh recalled for reporters Friday the belittling tirade from a college student that brought him over to the left. “It was last October and I’d just mentioned my support for a Republican congressional candidate on Twitter when this 19-year-old responded by telling me I was an ignorant asshole who hated the poor and that I was everything that was wrong with the world, and it just completely opened my eyes to how incorrect my whole worldview was,” said Welsh, fondly recounting how the sophomore sociology major converted him to liberalism on the spot by calling him a hateful bigot and saying he was too much of a “brainwashed puppet” of corporate interests to know what was best for him, instantaneously invalidating the 56 years of individual thought and life experience that had led him to his previous political beliefs. “I remember how he said anyone who didn’t support Scandinavian-style social policies was nothing more than a greedy capitalist leech and I was just like, ‘Wow, yes, that makes total sense.’ And then when he called me a fascist piece of shit and condescendingly asked if I’d ever once looked up from my copy of Atlas Shrugged, that was the moment I saw what a complete fool I’d been and knew I had to reject all my political positions and adopt his ideology in total.” Welsh then expressed his deep gratitude that the young man had even stopped to direct the series of derogatory tweets at him in the first place, saying he would likely still be a “money-grubbing racist shithead who spends all day sucking the Koch brothers’ dicks” if not for the magnanimous individual.

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We will have a gig economy and the most skilled workers will have their time in the sun.

Meantime all will be herded into the equities markets where the big players using their superior information and platforms will conspire illegally to drop the bottom out in a way that no one can stop and the markets will once again perform the function they are designed to do: convey wealth to the wealthy.

People will live multi-family to afford rents. Universities will be transformed into expensive trade schools that exist to save the biggest corporations cost of on-the-job-training, Healthcare will be so expensive that people will live shortened miserable lives. Social security will be eliminated. Medicare will be eliminated. Even institutions like the VA will be privatized. Infrastructure will belong to crony capitalists who will make it all expensive to use highways, bridges, dams? -- expect water to cost a lot more, probably will be a speculated commodity.

People will not like the effects of waking up to all these changes so expect a lot more police to be ready to put down disgruntled patriots who remember a better life.

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