The real deal on Puerto Rico
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The real deal on Puerto Rico

By FortWayne following x   2017 Oct 1, 1:09pm 885 views   8 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share
It's their inept local government, they are incompetent, incapable, worthless corrupt bureaucrats. It's why that crazy chick yells so much at Trump.

This isn't US or Trumps fault, local incompetent bureaucrats just don't accept responsibility for their own incompetencies. It is why US aid is coming to Puerto Rico, but not getting from US through local authorities to the people. This is why liberals need to stop electing SJW's who have no competency to get anything done.

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Armed federal agents raided a warehouse in Puerto Rico and seized materials that were supposed to be used to rebuild the island's electrical infrastructure that was damaged by Hurricane Maria but were instead hoarded by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority. Federal officials then began distributing the materials to contractors who are repairing the electrical system.
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Pay income taxes or GTFO.