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“Gerald’s Game” Netflix: Stephen King horror bomb turned into feminist screed.

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Plucky but bored and disappointed middle aged wife, chained by handcuffs to bedposts by Viagra juiced hubby who wants to pollute her body with perverted sex games to spice up their marriage, is trapped when hubby collapses from heart attack as she pissily objects to his disgusting, despicable sex urges. On top of it, the husband appears to have provided her with an extremely upper middle class lifestyle, complete with a large, charming second home on the beach in which to bitch, complain and be victimized.

She is left to hallucinate and reminisce on the evils of swinish men, conversing with the chatty ghost of her husband and her own plucky, spiritual doppelganger, while a dog chows down on her husband’s remains, shredding them with loud ripping noises. Of course, plucky waif also spends a lot of time re-living a quasi molestation incident by her vile father instead of trying to escape her bonds.

Gratuitous deformed boneyard cannibal thrown in for no particular reason. In the end, she uses her husband's life insurance money for a foundation counseling youths who have been despoiled by depraved men.

Did Stephen King really write it this way? Is King a covert IHL?

Prolly going to be on the top ten wall of every SJW-IHL screenwriter in Hollyweird as a masterpiece.

Shoulda included some bloody, graphic castration sequences with cheering women burning their bras and undulating in the blood before chowing down on each other's tweeties.
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This is because seeing hoes is immoral (and illegal, given that Maine is not Quebec) and that sex robots will not take off in a dozen years, because ppl need this so-called meaningful interaction between the genders.

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