Fuck you Senator Chris Murphey
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Fuck you Senator Chris Murphey

By CovfefeButDeadly following x   2017 Oct 2, 11:26am 422 views   2 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

For attempting to make political hay out of this tragedy.

I've posted many times that sentencing guidelines for those arrested illegally carrying firearms in California are WAY too lax, esp those for felons in possesion of a firearm.

Federal guidelines call for a minimum of 15 years for a felon carrying a firearm.

Gee, most were black. And sentencing times declined under the past 8 years. Guess someone values black lives over those of everyone else.

Anyway, California is 16mo low term(which is almost always a time served sentence) , two, or a whopping whole 3 years Massive sarcasm

The truth is any felon in possession of a gun ought to receive a 15 year sentence minimum. They are a danger to society so severe that their sentence ought to reflect as though they actually used the gun in a crime.

As an aside I was watching an episode of live PD the other night and the cop stopped a car for a minor violation(brake light out), The occupants were acting oddly and the cop pulled them out one by one once backup arrived. One occupant had an AK-47 under neath them, and there was another gun, black tar heroin, and a lot of money. That cop earned his pay in one traffic stop. Those people are extremely dangerous and very likely would have killed others. You have the Dan's of this site arguing against the cops. Why are you not arguing for 25-50 year sentences for people this deadly...far more deadly potential than any give cop?
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Something out-of-state people need to know about our beloved Land of Fruits and Nuts: for some time stealing a firearm worth less than $950 was a fucking misdemeanor in CA*. At the same time having a wrong type of handle on your legally bought and registered rifle was a felony.

*) Adopted via Prop.47 in 2014, finally reversed in 2016 via Prop.63.