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Go to YouTube and read the comments, they sound just like you Trump supporters defending this false prophet who sells everything from miracle water to debt cancellations and the hope of people at your door with money for you OMG OMG OMG!!! ---just EXACTLY what you hope for the most. Get it? They know you. Peter Popoff knows you. Trump knows you. He knows JUST what to tell you to make you his little pawn.
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There assholes know you are pissed and they know just what you would love love love to hear. AND SO THEY DRILL IT INTO YOUR HEADS IN THE NAME OF CHRIST!

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Yup, just send your seed money to his ministry in Upland, CA.
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And here is how the snail-mail scam part of Peter Popoff Ministry looks
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Once you start believing people just double down on it over and over again LIKE TRUMP!
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TheAtheistVeteran weighs in.
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Just like Trump was busted many times with his lies and shit like Trump University, this Peter Popoff was busted by James Randi in 1970's even with his wife laughing at the faithful as she sent wireless data to his earpiece and NOW he's back again on TV in USA and Australia.

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Your mentally ill rant against a con man who appeals to and steals money from the mentally ill is supposed to demonstrate what?
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Fucking White Male says
Your mentally ill rant against a con man who appeals to and steals money from the mentally ill is supposed to demonstrate what?

Project much?

Look at all the YouTube comments where so many people all they can do is double down on their faith. They are not mentally ill, they are scared and searching for some easy form of relief.

Jim Bakker is back out of prison selling shit telling his faithful that the Lord talks to him. Peter Popoff, Joel Osteen, (the biggest congregation in the USA and it's important that you realize the significance of that too) many more prosperity bible preachers plaguing America AND ALL CON MEN. They all have no problem SEEING YOU and exactly what pitch you must be told to make you BELIEVE and buy. The more emotionally riled up and hopeless you are the more vulnerable you are. --Well we got political talk radio, InfoWars etc etc etc to ensure that happens. EVERYWHERE across the country.

All you believers enrolled us all into Trump University. Now all you can do is double down, just like all the other believers in the world leaving the rest of us to make an off-ramp ASAP. And there are mountains of evidence before and after he got elected that he is a fucking cheesy con man. --Oy!

Fucking traded the cow for magic beans again!
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Here's the other link to Jim Bakker's new con. I noticed your comments there as if it's not really a big deal at all, but it represents the actions of desperate, hopeless people and if you rile them up, (they always do and that's a "tell") then show them enough commercials, talk radio, mailbox pitches, web site pitches EVERYWHERE AND ALL THE TIME you wear them down and they finally take a chance. Once people cross that doorway they will never turn back and admit that they were just pissed and needing some hope.

Fucking White Male says
a con man who appeals to and steals money

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