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Is he at fault for the tragedy in Las Vegas?

By HEY YOU following x   2017 Oct 3, 10:32am 333 views   0 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

He supports the right to own firearms regardless of the outcome?
He used to.
If his loved ones & friends had been shot down,under a Republican President & Congress,
it would have been perfect karma.
Stupid fuck,gun toting,gun lovers can't protect themselves or their fans.
Everyone look at my new handgun,no one is going to fuck with me.
Assholes buy weapons that can't reach out & touch a shooter 400 yards away.
Yeah! Yeah! We know you are going to blow someone away if they threaten you.
Where were all the Good Guys with guns & "Stand your Ground."-ers? Running for cover?

When I was around 18 a Navy Seal told a group of gun nut construction workers,who I worked with, that
"If someone wants you dead,you're dead."

How many 2nd nuts have never heard a bullet whizz by their ear?
It's exciting!
These fuckers are all talk & no action.
I do so love the sound of automatic fire. A real White Domestic Terrorist would have used belt fed bullet shooters,minimum 50 cal.
Trump has a speech impediment. He can't say White Domestic Terrorist .

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