Trump & Republicans don't care about AMERICAN CITIZENS!
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Trump & Republicans don't care about AMERICAN CITIZENS!

By HEY YOU following x   2017 Oct 7, 9:13am 197 views   2 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

How many Puerto Ricans voted Republican?

Gutiérrez slams White House on Puerto Rico: ‘They don’t want you to know the truth’
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We need a communist strongman.
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Fuck PR and any whinny little bitch writing about hurricane aftermath.
I spent a whole month after Hurricane Wilma without power, and about two weeks after Hurricane Andrew.
This is what storms do, the recovery is up to par with any other recovery there's been. So trying to politicize like a bunch of petty shitfaces does nothing to help Nancy Pelosi get reelected. Because that bitch Aint Stepping down for nothing. Here's a thought for you Liberal assclowns. What are you all going to do, when your Blue districts across the board all over the US flip for the Patriot candidate that's with the Trump program. The Classic Establishment candidates are going to be no match for any GOP or Democrat challenger that runs on the Trump platform of working with Trump and the Patriots that elected him, to make sure his agenda's get passed.

We're going to see Dade, Broward, Orange county, NYC and many other solid Red Libtowns turn purple if not Red.

I return you to your regular scheduled Ass Writhing.