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Identity politics benefits the 0.1% tremendously

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It is clearly in the best interests of the oligarchy to:

1. Bring in as many workers as possible, to force wages and living standards down. This includes bringing most women into the workforce.
2. Export work to countries without labor or environmental standards at the expense of the white middle class, who must then be vilified as racists as justification.
3. Divide workers against each other by gender, race, religion, etc in the media every day, so that they are not an effective unified power against the oligarchy.
4. Distract the public from the ongoing and overwhelming concentration of wealth at the very top.
5. Maintain the loyalty of the intelligensia by assuring them that they have risen to their rightful place in a meritocracy open to all.

So was it just an accident that we got relentless identity politics in the press corresponding to the distribution of rewards to the very top, or was it a deliberate plan?

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Ok so identity politics became a thing when, say 2005? 2010?

Show me where on that graph that you can see a new trend line due to "identity politics" versus say oh I don't know technology, deficit spending, or any other reason on the planet.
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anonymous says
deficit spending

The lines diverge around the same time as Nixon's disastrous secret deals with Saudi Arabia (KSA), which enabled him to expand his war in southeast Asia and enabled the Saudis to spread Wahhabi Islam (including terrorism) worldwide. KSA used Petrodollars to buy influence in the federal government, and ~10% of the NYSE, and built an empire of corporations across the USA.

Among the better things the Obama administration did was publishing information: specifically, Nixon's secret deals with KSA and the redacted pages of the 9/11 commission report. People can now begin to figure out how Americans have been hypnotized, robbed, and bereft.

In those deals, KSA hijacked the American military industrial complex, turning the American eagle into the most lethal falcon in the Saudi collection. The identity and purpose of America changed. The old patriotic verbiage may have continued, but the operational imperative became serving KSA and the recipients of Petrodollar baksheesh. We may talk about having government "for the people," but it changed as your graph shows.

You seem to blame the wrong villain in "identity politics." LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, prohibiting employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, etc. Wages continued growing for nearly a decade, until deficit spending and OPEC embargoes began extracting more jizya from the infidel west.

If you want to know what went wrong, you have to look at what happened around 1970. The government and economy changed course, hearing a different falconer with a different agenda. Since 1970, we have seen the rise of Wahabi Islam, at the expense of all else, and Americans are so badly hypnotized that most continue to mistake KSA for an ally. At least Bernie Sanders has now joined Donald Trump in stating the obvious, though neither would acknowledge agreeing with the other: KSA is not our ally, precisely because Islam hates us. "Allah is the best deceiver."

The solution is to put America first. Why do NATO countries insist on paying KSA for oil that the Saudis would simply have taken, and did take from the Shia who live there? We insist on attributing western property rights to people who do not even believe we have a right to live. They use the money to deceive us and to kill us. Yet, when candidate Trump said America should "take the oil" (at least in Iraq), media mouthpieces competed with each other to denounce his "madness" as a "war crime". Frankly, on this issue, he sounded less crazy than most of the other candidates (although Hillary Clinton sounded coldly rational in arguing for the interests of her Saudi clients).
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Thanks curious2. Very frustrating that KSA is immune from criticism by mainstream media and politicians.
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Graph aside, the numbered list is exactly why large corporations embrace diversity & inclusion aka identity politics. This has been proven by Goolag and by the Wall Street firms who virtue signal away but have been caught underpaying the "minorities"

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