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"Freedom of speech is genocide"

By Patrick following x   2017 Oct 7, 4:00pm 53 views   0 comments   watch   quote     share
College student who stole classmate's MAGA hat and claimed 'freedom of speech is genocide' in bizarre rant could now face FELONY charge
University of California, Riverside student Edith Macias facing felony charge
Macias grabbed a MAGA hat off Matthew Vitale's head on September 27
Ran into student life office waving hat and issuing bizarre profanity-laced rant
Confused staffers managed to convince her to return hat to Republican Vitale
Video of the incident was seen by millions before Facebook quietly removed it
Comrades issued petition demanding school pay Macias' rent and any legal fees
Now police tell Vitale that Macias' own gloating video could be felony evidence
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