NYT Editor Caught?
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NYT Editor Caught?

By anonymous following x   2017 Oct 10, 10:28am 209 views   3 comments   watch   quote     share    

Is this the real deal or is the editor being facetious? You decide.

There's an interesting part where he talks about "Leaving Journalism" for a while, so he could then volunteer for the Clinton Campaign.
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No one cares. Your monkey just challenged his own attorney general to an IQ test.
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NY Times new logo: "Perverting the course of American Journalism one fake news at a time!" "We want to get back to the good ole days when our head fakes were taken seriously! Carpet bombing social media is a good step forward!"

Fake news nested in fake news like babooshka dolls.
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iwog says
No one cares.

O'Keefe Strikes Again, Catches NYT Editors On Hidden Camera: "Targeting Trump's Businesses, His Dumb F**k Of A Son"

In the latest of a series of undercover operations targeting mainstream media bias, James O'Keefe has just dropped a new undercover video which takes direct aim at the New York Times' Audience Strategy Editor, Nick Dudich, who admits repeatedly to promoting content that intentionally seeks to, among other things, damage President Trump's businesses as a means towards forcing his resignation.

Here is a brief intro from Project Veritas:

While talking about being objective at the Times, Dudich replies candidly, "No I'm not, that's why I'm here."
Dudich considers himself an important player at the New York Times, telling the Project Veritas Journalist "my voice is on... my imprint is on every video we do."

Dudich goes on to explain what he might do to target President Trump:

"I'd target his businesses, his dumb fuck of a son, Donald Jr., and Eric...

When the undercover journalist asks Dudich if he could make sure that the anti-Trump stories make it to the front, he replied, "Oh, we always do."

To our complete 'shock', O'Keefe also learned the Dudich worked for Hillary's 2016 presidential campaign and Obama's campaign in both 2008 and 2012...

Bizarrely, Dudich also claims to have joined the Antifa movement as an undercover agent for the FBI...a request which he originally said came from his godfather, James Comey, even though he subsequently retracted that statement.

Why do we feel like it's Dudich whose resignation is imminent as opposed to Trump's?


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