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There was no Weinstein, there has never been a Weinstein

By HonkpilledMaster following x   2017 Oct 10, 1:50pm 595 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

Stop making up history. No such person ever existed. You're a dishonest liar. I have the picture of Hollywood right here.

The name Harvey Weinstein is being purged from Hollywood.

On Monday, Deadline reported that The Weinstein Company is removing Weinstein’s executive producer credit from any TV series he’s worked on, and plans to wipe it from upcoming movie releases.

The outlet also reports that TWC is auditioning ad agencies to change its company name altogether.

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that TWC reached out to multiple networks and gave them the green light to scrub his credits in the wake of the bombshell New York Times report that revealed Weinstein had settled at least eight sexual harassment claims throughout his career.

Hollywood has always been at war with Serial Pervs East Asia.
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Are you implying that Kirov existed cause there was like a delusion about that "fact" from people in psihboltinsa aka sanatorium.
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It's the Hollywood air kiss that makes you magically disappear!

"BJ? She accidentally slipped and fell on my dick mouth first when I came out of the shower! Believe me when I say it was PG rated!"

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