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Halloween 2017 - Pumpkin Trumpkin, Feuding Wives, Maybe Pence and $25 Halloween MAGA Hats...

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In the run up to Halloween, many people are stopping by a house in Carmel, Indiana, to take selfies with a life-size scarecrow dressed like President Donald Trump with a pumpkin as the head.

“Pumpkin Trump” is dressed in a black suit and red tie, which POTUS can be often seen wearning. The pumpkin has been carved to resemble Trump when he yells. Straw has been put on the pumpkin’s head to remind of Trump's blonde hair. Besides, the scarecrow’s hands have been deliberately made smaller than usual.

Feuding First Wives

The fact that Trump was married thrice has not only been a popular subject of mockery for late night comedians; it has also emerged as a hilarious idea for Halloween costume. Actresses Sara and Erin Foster showed their Ivana Trump (president’s first wife) and Melania Trump (president’s third wife) costumes on Instagram days ahead of the holiday.


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