Trump claims he’s ‘smarter than Yogi Bear’
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Trump claims he’s ‘smarter than Yogi Bear’

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In the continuing debate about who could possibly be more intelligent than himself, Donald Trump has taken steps to trap Jellystone Park’s most famous resident, Yogi Bear, to prove that he is the smarter of the two.

According to sources the President had settled down to watch his favourite morning cartoons between snatches of Fox News. After contenting himself that he had more brain power than Fred Flintstone, he switched over to Yogi Bear and heard him bragging to Boo Boo that he was ‘smarter than the average bear’ on several occasions.

‘We could see the President starting to twitch,’ said a member of the White House care staff, ‘and knew there was going to be trouble. Then, when he knocked his bowl of porridge over his Word Search Compendium, we cleared the decks.’

An incandescent President Trump called Vice President Pence and told him to requisition Airforce One for some ‘official’ business. They immediately flew into bear country armed only with an abacus, three picnic baskets full of honey and the mother of all bear traps.

After several hours spent lost in the woods and with no sign of the elusive bear, the Vice President urged Mr Trump to calm down and return to the White House.

Back home and following a hearty dish of alphabet spaghetti, staff were relieved to see the President settling down to watch an episode of The Simpsons. But their relief was short lived as a familiar voice yelled from the Oval Office.

‘Call Mike! Get me over to Springfield quick! Lisa Simpson has an IQ of 159!’

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