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Bullying judges into gynocentric submission

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A long-running case that began in Santa Clara County when a judge awarded a man with a lengthy criminal record custody of his kids came to an abrupt end Tuesday in Modesto when the father admitted mid-trial to drugging, sexually abusing and killing his 14-year-old daughter.

Alycia’s mother, Roberta Allen, was described by a court investigator as an unfit mother who had battled with depression. However, in an investigation by this news organization after Alycia’s body was discovered in 2009, Roberta Allen described her years-long legal battle as “very angled toward Mark. I couldn’t afford an attorney. He had one.”


The above article is a prime example of how feminists and the press are trying to bully judges into always voting in favor of the mother in ALL child custody cases:

1. find a case where a divorced father committed horrible crimes against his young daughter, culminating in accidentally killing her with a drug overdose

2. argue that the crimes never would have happened if the mother had received sole custody

3. get everyone to read between the lines that men never should get custody, but of course ignore completely that women kill and abuse their children just as often as men do.

4. exploit the widespread publicity around the contemporary recall effort against judge Aaron Persky, where the judge is being threatened with a recall election because feminists and assorted white knights insists he gave too light a sentence to defendant Brock Turner in a highly-publicized attempted-rape case.

5. make sure that all judges in Santa Clara County get the message: If you don't always rule in favor of the mother, there will eventually be a case where some father does something wrong, and you will lose your job, too. Never mind the equal number of cases where a mother does something horrible. Those cases will not be highlighted in the press. Remember, it is always a man's fault, even when a woman is the criminal.

6. mission accomplished.
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