Niger: Another excuse to start yet another war
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Niger: Another excuse to start yet another war

By justme following x   2017 Oct 23, 3:30pm 282 views   4 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

Step1: send US soldiers on a "training mission" in some new country
Step2: inevitably some of the US soldiers will get ambushed and killed
Step3: exploit the ineptness of president Trump to make sure that the deaths in Niger are widely known
Step4: sow doubt that that the US troops had sufficient "support"
Step5: ESCALATE! Bring in troops, aircraft, planes, military hardware, deadly toys
Step6 : wreck the country and kill lots of people
Step7: PROFIT!!

You read it here first.

QUOTE: After another hour, he said, French aircraft and warplanes were on the scene.

Implication: It took those Frenchies a whole hour to get there -- clearly we need to install a local airbase. ESCALATE!

Note: Don't be confused: FIrst one hour delay to get the call for help out, then one hour delay from France.
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How long after Benghazi before we start a war in Libia?
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A-10 range near my Grandparent's place hasn't been this active, except right before the first gulf war.

If I'm forced to bet where we are going, I'd bet Libya.

As to Niger, aren't Republicans duty bound now to investigate by at least 17 unique hearings?
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One wonders if US wars lead to terrorism, refugees, debt, and tyranny.

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