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I Wish those bastards would shut the fuck up!
They've given two generations diabetes, heart disease, and cancer with their heart clogging vegetable Oil shortening, and margarine.
Animal fat, even pig fat is essential to your heath.
You can see the difference when you fry food with Lard vs Vegetable oil.

When I fry in animal fat, there is hardly any fat retained in the items I fry, the blot cloth or napkin I drained them on, have very little to no fat on it, throughout the whole cooking process. Fry with Veg Oils, and you need to replace the three or four layers of paper towels between each batch. Plus if you're frying several batches, you may end up adding Oil.
In fact, count on it, you will end up adding more oil.
Most of that Oil goes in your arteries and builds plaque on your brain. Animal fat does no such thing.
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I know, I know, for some, bacon without the fat does not sound that appealing. But for those watching their weight and missing the crispy taste of sizzled pig slices, there’s this brand new development.


Hard to read anything claiming science, when they begin by implying that those watching their weight should desire animal proteins that are low in fat. That’s absurdly stupid

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