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The Sum Of All Your Parts - The Body Brokers

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Reuters spent more than a year examining the workings of a multimillion-dollar industry that dissects, rents and sells the donated dead. Such firms are sometimes called body brokers, but they prefer to be known as non-transplant tissue banks. They acquire, usually for free, bodies that have been donated to science. Then they often cut those bodies into pieces and sell the parts for hundreds or thousands of dollars each. The buyers are typically medical researchers, device makers and groups that train doctors.

As part of our examination, Reuters sought to determine the ease with which body parts might be bought – that is, whether or to what extent body brokers would vet possible buyers. The news agency also wanted to assess the condition of the specimens when they arrived to determine whether they would prove suitable for further research.

Part 1: When Americans leave their bodies to science, they are also donating to commerce: Cadavers and body parts, especially those of the poor, are sold in a thriving and largely unregulated market. Grisly abuses abound. In the U.S. market for human bodies, almost anyone can dissect and sell the dead


Part 2: After a few emails, a body broker sold reporter Brian Grow two heads and a cervical spine. The spine came from a young man whose parents were too poor to bury him – and they say they never knew his body would be sold. A Reuters journalist bought human body parts, then learned a donor's heart-wrenching story


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