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Just received CRL from FDA for XYOSTED, their injectable testosterone, price crashed from almost $4 to sub $2. 50MM+ sales and rising, possible approval of generic epi-pen version in partnership w/ TEVA (ATRS supplies injectors). Risks are possible dilution (already bloated share count) if turnaround to profitability is delayed too much, otherwise this should slowly churn towards profitability within the next 1-2 years. Any movement on the CRL without the requirement of additional trials or approval of TEVAs generic epi-pen will send this soaring. Market cap just below 300MM, target market cap 700MM-1bln.

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AMAG just got approval in partnership with ATRS for Makena injection. up $20-30% from it's sub $2 lows. Good stock going forward. More news to come as they meet with FDA 02/21 wrt Xyosted CRL.
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Real men sweat testosterone!

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