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Alex Jones’s InfoWars conspiracy website started the lies then yournewswire.com, another conspiracy website leeched it for a slew of shares on FB.

What actually happened on November 4? A protest was launched by the activist group Refuse Fascism, which is intended to stir a non-violent mass movement to remove Trump from office, according to Perry Hoberman, a professor at the University of Southern California who is a member of the group’s steering committee. The idea is to mobilize people to hit the streets in a peaceful demonstration against Trump’s administration, Hoberman says, stressing that it has absolutely nothing to do with starting another American civil war.

“Right wingers will spin anything into anything,” Hoberman says of the civil war conspiracy. “It’s just an attempt to smear anyone who isn’t a fascist.”
--from Newsweek (linked below)

This could spell the end for Papa Don's Pizza, taken over by Hillary's child sex ring pizza shop? Oh Noes!

Meanwhile, something real to think about as Trump's apologists howl about Clinton like a stuck pig
1. Taking money from foreign governments, in violation of Article I Section 9 of the Constitution.
2. Colluding with a foreign power against the interests of the United States, considered treason.
3. Using the presidency for private gain, in violation of federal law (5 Code of Federal Regulations 2635.702).
4. Seeking to intimidate critics, in violation of the First Amendment.
5. Undermining the freedom and independence of the press, in violation of the First Amendment.
6. Attacking freedom of religion, in violation of the First Amendment.
7. Undermining the rule of law through arbitrary and capricious statements and orders, in violation of the Due Process clause of the First Amendment.
8. Suppressing the votes of minorities, in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.
9. Obstructing justice
10. tolerating the illegal activities of subordinates.

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jazz_music says
“It’s just an attempt to smear anyone who isn’t a fascist.”

Lol that must be it.
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You and Oliver can only dream.

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