New: moderators per topic
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New: moderators per topic

By Patrick following x   2017 Nov 5, 7:59pm 36,993 views   767 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

At the suggestion of the late Turtledove I'm trying to separate the site into distinct topics with a moderator for each topic.

The first moderator is Iwog, who is in charge of Investing.

Currently, the only power a moderator has is ability to delete comments in that topic. But soon (like within the next week) I hope to implement these other abilities:

ability to delete whole posts in the topic
set or edit "About ${topic}" page
acceptance or rejection of posts waiting for moderation in topic
acceptance or rejection of comments waiting for moderation in topic
ability to free jailed comments in topic
user blacklist by ip or username for that topic
user whitelist for that topic (only those users would be allowed to comment)
ability to set a background image for the topic, and color scheme
ability to set up own donation link for the work

Anyone care to moderate a specific topic? @Dan8267 would you like #scitech or #science?


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