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Southern California commuting ranked as nation’s most stressful

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For example, Washington, D.C. — known for its extensive mass transit network — had the longest commute at 60.4 minutes but was only eighth-most stressful. San Francisco ranked No. 2 for time (59.2 minutes), but its BART system helped lower the city to No. 5 for stress. And subway-loving New York was No. 4 in lengthy commutes (57.9 minutes) but only ninth-most stressful.

Globally, Southern California also ranked poorly in a study of commutation costs — for workers, society and the environment — by Arcadis, a Dutch engineering consultancy. Among 100 big cities around the globe, New York was the nation’s best — but only ranked No. 23 in the world. San Francisco was 26th; D.C. was 42nd; San Diego 65th and Los Angeles 72nd.

“Traffic congestion is one of the biggest day-to-day challenges for Los Angeles’s residents, with the average person spending 104 hours stuck in traffic each year,” Arcadis noted.

Bad commutes are bad for business. A recently released study of British workers found a stunning cost of a longer trip to the workplace: Adding 20 minutes of daily commuting hit job satisfaction as hard as a 19 percent cut in a worker’s pay.

One of the best cures for the commutation blues is walking or bicycling to work, the British study found.
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It would be stress free if people could mount M134 on their bumpers like a FREE! country would.

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