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What websites do you use to check traffic?

By zzyzzx following x   2017 Nov 9, 7:09am 998 views   6 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

I'm guessing that most of you live someplace where traffic sucks, At least around here (Baltimore - DC area) it's already at the point where it's prudent to check for traffic issues before using any interstate, even during off peak hours. I used to use Trafficland, but that site no longer works, so I am looking for a recommendation. One of the things that I liked about Trafficland was that I could bookmark a link and go right to it, which I can't seem to do as good with the others that I have tried.
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Google maps on laptop, Waze app on the phone.
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I don't do phone apps, just use the browser, but thanks. Google Maps and Mapquest seem to take a lot of clicks (unless I am doing it wrong). That's why I was using Trafficland, I could go directly to it. I've been trying out this wego site today:

Takes me directly there, but I still have to zoom in a bit.
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Let’s say you’re in Annapolis and need to travel to Harrisburg. You check for traffic update and realize 695 is a parking lot like any other day. Then what do you do?
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iPhone maps app does a pretty great job of that. I check once a day before I leave home to help decide which route to take. It’s almost never been wrong.
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errc says
Let’s say you’re in Annapolis and need to travel to Harrisburg. You check for traffic update and realize 695 is a parking lot like any other day. Then what do you do?

I will assume that you are referring to 695 west side, which is as almost always really bad. I would take 97 North to 695 to the BW parkway or I-95 into town, then go through town until I got to 83. Once you are there, you are fine. An alternate is to take 97 north to 100 West to 29 North to 70 East and get on the west side there, assuming that the backups from 70 to 83 aren't as bad as the part that you just cut out. Yes, I know people who used 70 to 29 to 100 to avoid parts of the Baltimore Beltway and commuted that way! Yes, it was more than one person! If it wasn't for the toll, I'd take 97 north to the Harbor Tunnel to 695 on the East side of town to 83.
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When I lived halfway between two different freeway's I used to check googlemaps, but honestly, unless a freeway is completely shutdown, they're terrible, so going out of my way is never a good option in San Diego. Fortunately I don't have to be at work before 10am, so most days I avoid the majority of the traffic.

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