"..all the “money” pumped out of the Fed and the world’s other central banks.."
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"..all the “money” pumped out of the Fed and the world’s other central banks.."

By HEY YOU following x   2017 Nov 9, 6:45pm 55 views   0 comments   watch   quote     share  

Legal counterfeiting?

"Like his colleagues and auditors in the investment banking community, he’s just making this shit up."

"The economy isn’t growing and can’t grow. The economy is a revenant of something that used to exist, an industrial economy that has rolled over and died and come back as a moldy ghoul feeding on the ghostly memories of itself. Stocks go up because the unprecedented low interest rates established by the Fed allow company CEOs to “lever-up” issuing bonds (i.e. borrow “money” from, cough cough, “investors”) and then use the borrowed “money” to buy back their own stock to raise the share value, so they can justify their companies’ boards-of-directors jacking up their salaries and bonuses — based on the ghost of the idea that higher stock prices represent the creation of more actual things of value (front-end-loaders, pepperoni sticks, oil drilling rigs)."

Americans don't need things of value "Made in U.S.A." when they can support Communist China thereby making China an economic powerhouse.

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