Most Americans are in the dark about their tax bill, but think Trump's plan won't help
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Most Americans are in the dark about their tax bill, but think Trump's plan won't help

By Sniper following x   2017 Nov 10, 1:09pm 90 views   1 comments   watch   quote     share  

Never Under-estimate the Power of the Liberal MSM.

More people have an opinion on the tax plan than have actually heard about it, the polls showed.

But most people don't even know what they're paying in federal income taxes in the first place.

Americans lean toward the belief their taxes will go up under the president's tax plan, according to new polls by CNBC.

Most Americans don't know much about President Donald Trump's new tax proposal but don't think it will be in their favor. That's the conclusion of polls run by CNBC since the GOP unveiled the framework for a tax reform bill in late September.

Most people don't even know what they're paying in taxes in the first place. And if you ask them to guess their tax bracket, their answer doesn't match up with reality. Even more strange, our polls found that a lot of people say they haven't heard of the new tax plan or its details but assume it will hurt them anyway.

CNBC commissioned two different firms to run this analysis: Reconnect Research, which conducted a phone survey, and marketing company Fluent, which conducted an online poll. Each company asked slightly different questions, but the overall results matched up.

Both the Reconnect and Fluent surveys asked people if they knew about the proposed tax plan and then asked if they thought the plan would mean their taxes went up or down.

The results were from both polls were similar. A lot of people did not know about the plan, but they still had a strong opinion on it. Despite not knowing about the plan, people on average expected their taxes to go up as a result.
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Main Slime Media,living the delusion but it sells advertising time.
There is no final tax reform.
Let's talk UFOs.

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