"In real terms GDP has not gone up at all; it has in fact gone down."
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From the nice article written by a welfare recipient.

"If you look just at the indices you'd think all is ok. You'd be wrong.
There are a tremendous number of stocks that are way down over the last year and a huge percentage of them are what one would call "customer-facing." In other words -- businesses that sell things and services to people."

There are businesses that don't sell to people? Really? ROFL.
Stocks are crashing because some stocks are way down. Hello? They are called the losers. It's normal.
Hey You, where do you find these weird articles?
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There's b2c and b2b.

Don't think it's down though. I do see investors fucking everyone over in real estate though.
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anon_fd7ee says
Hey You, where do you find these weird articles?

Here's the weird part.

"The claim of "no inflation" is also a lie committed by refusing to count things that go up in price -- houses, stocks, health care costs, etc."

Homework: What all is included in "etc."?

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