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Watch where you step!

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#environment "There isn't one tipping point. There isn't one cliff that we go off. It's more like we're stepping out onto a minefield and we don't know exactly where those mines are, but the farther we step out into the minefield — the more we warm the planet — the more likely it is that we do set off these mines, that we do encounter devastating tipping point-like changes in the climate.”

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HEY YOU says
we don't know exactly where those mines are, but the farther we step out into the minefield — the more we warm the planet

I thought the "science was settled."?
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Mann's hockey stick would be valid if you deny the MWP, the little ice age, natural climate variation, and history.

The hockey stick graph is invalid because it had predicted 4 or 5 degrees rise in temp by now. Since the warming did not happen as predicted they changed the name to "climate change" and are now claiming that 2 more degrees by the end of THIS century will be catastrophic.

The worldwide average temp is 4/100s of one degree warmer than last year making it the "hottest year in history."

The rhetoric is getting ridiculous.
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The author uses "minefield".
It could be more subtle as in "Black Swan"

You may have only 10 years.
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Cool! co2 will green the warming world!

You do know co2 is a fertilizer for plants.

The earth could get colder in the future. Where would you rather live: tropical jungle or icy tundra?

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