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"Uncle Trump" visits China

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And the Chinese are happy to meet somebody who wants to make deals.

BEIJING — They call him “Donald the Strong.” They heap praise on his family. They fawn over his rapid-fire tweets. They have even created an online fan club.

In America, President Trump faces a feisty press corps, damaging investigations into associates and sagging approval ratings.

But in China, where Mr. Trump arrived Wednesday, he has acquired a legion of admirers who hail him as a straight-talking politician and business mogul with a knack for deal-making.

“He’s true to himself,” said Dai Xiang, a resident of the eastern province of Jiangsu who belongs to an online group of more than 23,000 people that exchanges news and commentary about Mr. Trump. “He’s real, unlike other politicians.”

As in the United States, Mr. Trump can be a polarizing figure in China. He has his share of critics, who mock him as egoistical and erratic, and for fanning the war flames with North Korea. But he also has many ardent supporters, which is perhaps a surprising development for the leader of China’s biggest geopolitical rival.
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Maoists for Trump? In China, Fans Admire His Nationalist Views APRIL 3, 2017

They refer to him as “Uncle Trump,” “Grand Commander” and “Donald the Strong.” After Mr. Trump’s visit to the Forbidden City on Wednesday with President Xi Jinping, one fan wrote on social media, “Long live Emperor Trump!”

Nationalism, so refreshing a change from Boomer ideological struggles.

#Politics #MAGA
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Trump/Family imports are creating jobs in China & stupid Republicans buy China's imports enjoying their unemployment & no China tariffs.
Of course they love him.

anon_c2110 says
cum dumpsters

Damn! Cracked me up.
Roy Moore: Donald,did you bring me a present from China?
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That look on his face when he was in the Forbidden City when he looked at Melania it was like.

"Oh honey let's tell the Patriots fuck the Liberals I found cooler pace with even better people. Let's blow this Liberal Freak show!"
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And the Chinese are happy to meet somebody who wants to make deals.


Damn so Trump is willing to fuck over Americans so badly that China will wind up with an even better deal? Ouch
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China is an unbelievably huge market America should and must exploit for American goods and services if we are to maintain our status at the top of the world economy.

What I thought was significant was that by ignoring cultural and social differences to focus on simply trade, and offering respect for China’s leaders and accomplishments, Trump has set a very good tone for future friendly dealings with that country. The Chinese don’t appreciate moral lectures on how they run their society, and indeed in many ways they do an admirable job of it.

We certainly don’t appreciate it when France or Germany or Belgium decides to weigh in about American cultural issues.

Trump is making the right moves internationally to be both respected and considered someone with whom deals can be made. America needs access to more markets and needs fewer wars. Turns out most of the world speaks the language of economics quite fluently, so we would be best advised to begin there.

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