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The difference between Ds/Rs & Muslims,Muslims kill their own.

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#misc Bring on the partisan civil war in America,
Show blasphemers how to kill.

"And this country is completely preoccupied with Sex Among the Stars. Thank goodness the stock market only goes up."

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From the article:
"How are they going to support the thirty or forty million people who will still be there when the oil exports dribble down? Most of the work done in the country is performed by foreign “guests.” The indigenous folk don’t even remember how to milk a camel, let alone run routine maintenance on a desalinization plant. (And what are you going to run the de-sal plant on when the oil runs down?) These are questions that must drive thoughtful Saudi royalty mad."


The whole Mid East is no different. Medieval flea ridden freaks walking the streets. Useless barbarians causing death war and destruction, wherever they go.
The only country with any real brains in the region is Israel, a country with more grey matter than all the Muslims put together. I wonder how it feels for Space Men to live surrounded by barbaric Cave Men?
When the value of oil falls to zero, and that trend has already started, these violent people will spend what money they have left to kill each other. I wish victory to both sides, Sunnis and Shiites. Allah Ho Akbar.
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