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Islam and Identity Politics in Indonesia

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How many Christian Republican buy/enjoy imports from Muslim nations?
Anyone ever hear of palm oil?
Nothing like making Republican fools look like fools.
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There's not going to be any Vietnam in Indonesia.

The worst are found in Aceh province, unsurprisingly it's the most "Arabized" part of Indonesia. There are plenty of Christians, Hindus, and "nominal" Muslims in Indonesia.

The Great Jihad has petered out. The Gulf Financing is drying up.

There will be some Anti-Chinese violence, just like there always has been, as the Chinese are the Jews of SE Asia and there will always be lazy, jealous bitches anywhere.

By the Power of the Orb of Cofeve, and demographics, the Great Jihad is winding down. The bulk of the problem will be self-radicalized Muslims and violent Arab criminal gangs in the West. Most of the explosions in Sweden you hear about is Nafras and Middle Easterners assassinating/intimidating each other over drugs/cigs/prostitution.
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anonymous says
Johorean Zakiah Mat Lila has never said "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Deepavali" to her neighbours. She will vote only for Muslims and applauds strict Islamic laws, such as cutting off the hands of thieves and caning fornicators.

This is the disease that has to be stopped from spreading.
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anonymous says

So, you're in favor of not allowing Muslim immigration to the West, right?

anonymous says
"I say yes to hudud laws for Muslims. Do it like in Saudi Arabia, nobody will dare to steal if they know their hands might get chopped off," the 50-year-old coffee vendor told The Sunday Times in Mersing, a coastal town in eastern Johor.

Hardly a youth being attracted to Islam. The word is out: Conservative Islam is for childless smelly loser kids.
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anonymous says
It was the largest pro-Palestine protest in the Indonesian capital in memory

Anyone who supports Palestine is a terrorist supporter.
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Islam is a death cult.
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anonymous says
JAKARTA: The first anniversary of the largest religiously-driven mass demonstration in Indonesia has just been celebrated by some of the organisations that were its driving force.

Millions of Muslims descended upon Jakarta in December 2016 and joined with large numbers of the city’s residents in a rally called the Action to Defend Islam. The demonstrators demanded that then governor of Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (better known as Ahok) be stripped of his governorship and put on trial for blaspheming against Islam.

Most of the demonstrators are not likely to be classified as terrorists, but they could be classified as dangerous extremists who will breed future terrorists.

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