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Two studies inform the discussion: One is not even new. Economists David Card and Alan Krueger began studying what happens to the labor market when individual states raise the minimum wage twenty years ago. "Until the Card-Krueger study, most economists, myself included, assumed that raising the minimum wage would have a clear negative effect on employment," Krugman confesses. "But they found, if anything, a positive effect. Their result has since been confirmed using data from many episodes. There’s just no evidence that raising the minimum wage costs jobs, at least when the starting point is as low as it is in modern America."

To Krugman, and other reasonable people, this indicates that the labor market does not perform like every other market, primarily because workers are people. They do a better job when treated well, have better morale and more productivity. That is good for business! By way of example, look at the Walmart model of high turnover and terrible morale versus that of Costco.

In fact, Krugman suggests, increasing wages as a way to improve business outcomes is not limited to the meagerly paid minimum wage labor force.

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Here is additional evidence that the conservative media does knee-jerk saber rattling every time people try to get a livable wage.
Livable wage is anathema to the base of the Republican party who raise all sort of side issue smoke screens to get working people to support them. It's all bullshit for suckers not to realize that if they came together as a population they could win a better life FOR THEMSELVES!
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Here is a report over 70 years finding that there is no correlation between raising minimum wages and loss of jobs.

You people who support unlivable wage standards are causing social problems, if you didn't people could exert some limitations on centralizing wealth.
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If there are NO ill effects, then let's make it a million dollars an hour! We'll all be rich!!!
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In USSR there was no unemployment. In fact, people were punished if they weren't working. And the wages of factory workers or miners were 3-4x times higher than wages of engineers and scientists. We all know how that ended.
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NuttBoxer says
If there are NO ill effects, then let's make it a million dollars an hour! We'll all be rich!!!

This is almost as if you were making a point here.

70 years of policy was studied and that's your conclusion.

Good to know.
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jazz_music says
70 years of policy was studied and that's your conclusion.

I just follow thoughts to their logical conclusion. If my assertion is wrong, and there are ill effects, sounds like a wasted 70 years...
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Sniper says
What happened, did you miss all of these?

No, I called attention to an epic study that was distinguished and peer reviewed by scholars. Some other studies too, but not every study.

Also I am focusing on the core of conservative activism which is to decrease labor compensation, thereby increasing the pain of the working poor, and of course INCREASE inequality and the power and scope of enforcement coercion. Everything conservatives do looks like it leads to these ends. Especially the divisive emotional issues because if people were to unite and press for better jobs they would get somewhere and conservatives know that is fact.

The price we all pay for that is the slippery slope to sliding into poverty ourselves. Also crime, almost all crimes are financially motivated.

Trump himself is both a major distraction, a divider, and as he gets the majority hating him, hating football player protests, hating bathroom-usage issues they are not uniting to get better jobs. Trump makes a point out of lying and offending every day to remain the center of attention.

People can and have accomplished great things together. I remember a better America when Republicans were howling about the new deal. I want to take them back there and see more freedom which means less subsidy of corporations which will result in a freer market too. Some of those maxims are not completely bad if regulated with better choices available to working families.
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Patriots agree that the enemy of FREEDOM! is the illegally imposed 13th Amendment, a satanic confection of the outlaw Lincoln Administration and subsequent criminally established administrations except for the GOD!-sent government of TRUMPLIGULA!
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jazz_music says
This is almost as if you were making a point here.

70 years of policy was studied and that's your conclusion.

Good to know.

His point stands though, and I'm not sure why you avoided it.

If raising wages artificially (through law or other mechanism) really lifts people out of poverty, why not $1,000 an hour and eliminate all poverty right now?
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The best solution is not to allow employers to game the market by pushing borderless policies and policies that punish STEM educated individuals like H1Bs.

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