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Middle-class speaks out on benefits of new tax bill ...

By Rew following x   2017 Dec 4, 4:28pm 1,174 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

BAO found this first ... here ...

(How the heck do you delete a post? Cannot remove mine.)

"Liberal news pundits insist that this tax bill will irreparably harm our economy and the middle class. These pundits wonder how any middle-class citizen could ever support a bill that hands money to the wealthiest few while gutting important safety-net programs and hiking taxes for average Americans. Well, as a middle-class person who loves this tax plan, I am here to tell you that I exist, I am real, and I am as excited as a Clydesdale in the springtime to see our country’s long-suffering corporations pay lower taxes. I bathe in bottled water and my son’s name is Davenport."

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Dupe. BAO has already posted that piece of drivel.
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Awwww. Darn it. Well I'll go find that and like it. Thanks. :)

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