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This weekend: "coup" and "criminal"

By Rew following x   2017 Dec 17, 4:58pm 916 views   6 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    


Just recording on my #TrumpIsPresident hashtag that the following things are happening right now:

Fox/Trumpthuglicans : throwing around words like "coup" because the Special Counsel just got a huge amount of Trump campaign emails. They claim the method they used to obtain them is somehow illegal/nefarious/deep-state ... whatever.

Mueller's Special Counsel : has used the word "criminal" twice in reference to the Trump campaign. That is a not too subtle shift for those paying attention.

SOOooooo ....

Will Trump really be undone by emails, that he and the MAGA crowd are crying "unfair" over? Do they not see how funny and delicious that is? :)

Will Trump move to fire Mueller? The Bannonite/MAGA lizards are begging for it to be done. Typically when you see "coup" being talked about in a country, by the 'leadership', what follows is a 'purge'.

Season 2 of Trump's Whitehouse is going to be amazingly entertaining!
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anonymous says
Will Trump really be undone by emails,

No, just more TDS.

anonymous says
Do they not see how funny and delicious that is? :)

We see how funny the constant search for nothing is, and the ramped up level of TDS.

anonymous says
Season 2 of Trump's Whitehouse is going to be amazingly entertaining!

Yes, 4%+ GDP growth, lower unemployment numbers, DOW 30K, increased US manufacturing activity, more money in the middle class pockets due to lower taxes, etc.

Yes, amazingly entertaining and economically beneficial to the country. Stay tuned!
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Mueller says Criminal America says Coup.
Look even the short(with a Napoleon complex) Jewish sniveling office Liberal came into my office Yesterday and conceded that Trump is far better for this country than anything else in Washington right now. And with ever passing minute the very party that January 20th of this year, he would have picked up arms against Trump if they just said the word.
He sees Trump stays calm, and everything the Democrats throw at him, ends up being manufactured bullshit.

Now he keeps saying, "They are all full of shit!" But I couldn't get him to deny that Trump has been true to his word. Then he finished with "Liberals are full of Shit!"

This was huge for me, when he left my office. I felt like Muelller himself just had that conversation with me.
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Only AF is allowed to coin new Trump memes, it's a hallowed Patnet rule!
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anonymous says
Season 2 of Trump's Whitehouse

How many will there be?

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