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Obamacare Mandate Defeated

By Patrick following x   2017 Dec 23, 11:51am 548 views   0 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

Patrick says
Will the Obamacare mandate be killed by the new tax bill? Not sure that the end of the mandate is still in the bill.

Yes, the new tax law (not just a bill anymore!) eliminates the legally forced payment of unlimited amounts of money in insurance premiums in 2019. The mandate will still be in effect in 2018 though.

I'm glad the mandate is going away. It's offensive that private insurance companies can exploit our laws to force every single citizen in a country to pay whatever arbitrary amount of cash they demand. Taxes are one thing, and I know they are necessary, but forcing everyone to become an involuntary customer of an oligopoly is just wrong.

The right answer is:
1. require all medical providers to publish complete price lists on the web
2. require medical providers to charge the same price for the same treatment, regardless of whether the patient has insurance or not. insurance should be a concern between the patient and the insurance company alone with the provider completely left out of it
3. require all non-emergency providers to present the bill in advance of treatment so that patients can shop for better deals
4. limit emergency treatment prices by law to reasonable amounts
5. open up medicare to whoever wants to pay the premiums to join it
6. do not let medicare cover ridiculously expensive treatments, especially for the very old
7. impose the death penalty for medical industry lobbyists (not entirely joking -- those lobbyists are enemies of the people)

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