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How Do I Block Calls From “Scam Likely”?

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For many iPhone and Android smartphone users, knowing that a scammer is calling isn’t enough: they want to block the scam calls altogether. Fortunately, if T-Mobile is your wireless provider, there are some short numeric codes you can dial into the Phone app on your mobile phone to block calls from “Scam Likely” entirely.

Note: Other wireless carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, etc.) don’t have these custom codes yet, but if they do create similar codes, we’ll make sure to update this article!

To block phone calls from “Scam Likely”, enter #662# in the keypad of the Phone app of your iPhone or Android. Next, tap the phone icon to make the call, just like you’re calling a real person.

To make sure you’ve blocked phone calls from “Scam Likely”, you can dial #787# in the keypad of your iPhone or Android’s Phone app. And, if you ever want to turn off scam block, just dial #632# in the keypad of the Phone app.

Scam Block Codes For iPhone and Android
Turn On Scam Block #662#
Check If Scam Block Is On #787#
Turn Off Scam Block #632#

from https://www.payetteforward.com/block-calls-from-scam-likely-heres-real-solution/
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Another useful tip: how to block calls with no caller id on an iphone:

Method 1: Do Not Disturb

You can block unknown callers using the Do Not Disturb mode. This mode lets you silence calls. Here is how:

Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb
Choose Manual and turn on Do Not Disturb (when it is on, you will see a moon icon in the status bar)
Tap Allows Calls From
Choose “All Contacts”
All calls from numbers/anyone who isn’t already added to your address book will now be silenced. This means that “No Caller ID” calls will be silenced because they won’t be in the address book.

Note that the calls are not blocked, they are only silenced. You’ll still get the calls.

Method 2: Using Contacts

Create a new contact, you may name this new contact “No Caller ID”. Here is how:
Launch the Phone app
Tap Contacts
tap the + button
As phone number, enter 000-000-0000
Tap Done
Now scroll down and tap Block this caller. A popup will appear saying “you will not receive phone calls, messages or FaceTime from people on the block list” then tap Block Contact.

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